dijous, 27 d’agost de 2009


Quí anava a dir que quatre (4) mesos podien canviar tant la vida d'un...

... i quí anava a dir que començarien de la forma més s(x)imple del mòn:


I arrived to Barcelona's airport wearing a snow-coat, jumper, scarf... in a mediterranean sunny day... That was horrible, I said bye to my mum and I was led only by the indications of one of my future tutors in Finland.
As the plane was landing I thought about the Erasmus for the first time: What are you doing in Finland? What in the hell have you lost there?! But I didn't want to find an answer, I was there, so it was too late to think about leaving Spain.

The bus drove me to Hämeenlinna... I got off the bus and a girl younger than me came to where I was and asked me:

- Are you going to Lepaa?

But, this girl couldn't be Pauliina, she sent me an e-mail some days ago and I answered her like if she were 50 years old... Oh... It really doesn't matter...

- THese are Antti, another tutor, and Rob, an Erasmus student.
- ... [Oh, just try to remember all the names.. don't be lazy, you have to see them everyday during the next four months, it's just an small effort...]
- We have to wait for another guy, but as it's raining, better to go to a café
- ... [Pauliina, Antti, and Rob... Antti? Is that a name? Pauliina, Antti and Rob...]
- This is a good place
- ... [Pauliina, Antti.. Oh! FUCK! Oh!, Rob, yes.. Paulinna, Antti and Rob]
- Let's take a coffee
- ... [Oh, I only can understand Capuccino in the list... Pauliinna, Antt3.20€ FOR A CAPUCCINO??!!!]
Capuccino, please
- We can sit here
- ... [Perfect, now I have three new names and 3.20€ less... how have you done it, Óscar? How have you spent 4€ in a coffee?]
- This other guy who's coming is from Italy, his name's Daniele
- ... [More names? I think I've paid 3.20€ to relax and not think in nothing... Pauliina, Antti and Rob]
-¨Óscar, Do you know these other Spanish people in the list?
- ... [Oh, I almost cannot understand what you're saying... Pauliina, do you think now I will recognise somebody in a 30 names list?]
Well, I'm supposed to know this guy, Jordi, we are in the same class, but I've never seen him... [This is not the best starting] He will arrive in some days
- How do you pronounce his name?
- [Which name? Pauliina, Antti or Rob... Oh!] Jordi, it's not a spanish name
- We have to wait for this guy some more minuts, Oh, the bus is there, better to go there and bring him here

- Guys, this is Daniele, Daniele, these are Pauliina, Rob & Óscar
- ... [Perfect, now five names... Pauliina, Antti, Rob, Daniele and Óscar... WAIT! I know the last one]

P.D.: I sí, m'odie per no actualitzar tant com deuria

2 comentaris:

  1. Jordi, it's not a sapnish name.
    It's true, it's a Bonrepos & Mirambell's name. You're a lucky boy, 1 year ago, you were in Lepaa, I was in Valencia working and studying form my exams. I never understand why I didn't go before to Lepaa, I've never understood it!!
    No val la pena complicar-se l'existencia recordant les meravelles q alli passaremi el q no anem a fer ara, per aixó ja tinc a Xabi i a Miguel q m'estan mantenint informats i ficant els dents llargs.
    Ens veiem pronte

  2. Eiei, que estara allà no signifique que no estudiara... claro que pa lo que va servir... jeje
    Per cert, mantint-me informa't de Lepaa, Cristina se'n va avui allà i lo poc que sé és que els alemanys tenen 2 cotxes i que hi ha un grup al facebook, però no fotos (però he confirmado la presencia de PuntoG).